IIR 2014 is the 5th edition of the Italian Information Retrieval Workshop. It will take place at the University of Roma, “Tor Vergata”, Italy.

The scope of the IIR series of workshops includes all theoretical and experimental aspects of information retrieval. Typical topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Ranking (e.g., retrieval models, learning to rank, diversity, combining searches)
  • Queries (e.g., query intent, query log analysis, query reformulation, question answering)
  • Content analysis (e.g., document representation, information extraction, clustering, classification, sentiment analysis, cross-lingual IR)
  • Efficiency (e.g., indexing, compression, distributed IR)
  • Filtering (e.g., content-based filtering, collaborative filtering, recommender systems)
  • Evaluation (e.g., test collections, effectiveness measures, experimental design)
  • Users (e.g., user models, user studies, search interfaces, personalized search, human-computer IR)
  • Web IR (e.g., link analysis, social network analysis, blog search, computational advertising)
  • Multimedia IR (e.g., image search, video search, music IR)
  • Structured IR (e.g., XML search, desktop search, entity search)
  • Other applications (e.g., genomics IR, legal IR, mobile IR, patent search, digital libraries, IR for cultural heritage, enterprise search, geographic IR)

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